Canada’s oldest glass gallery for sale

Galerie Elena Lee was the first gallery to represent the Studio Glass Movement in Canada. This Movement, born more than 50 years ago in the USA, took glass out of the factory and into the artists’ hands, who proceeded to explore it beyond its craft origins.

After 38 years of a successful existence in the center of Montreal, Galerie Elena Lee relocated to a warehouse space not far from Atwater Market, and 5 Minutes by car from Westmount.

Just as for many contemporary art galleries, this move became necessary to escape the exorbitant downtown rents and taxes and remain financially sound.  Exhibition spaces are still necessary, but they need not be in the center of town.  Also, the art market is continuously changing. More and more, the internet and social media are being used by the younger crowd.  Savvy promotion via electronic media is vital.

Elena Lee, the founder and owner, is 74 years old and feels this is one challenge too many. It is time to retire. This premiere gallery is ideally equipped for the display, shipping and storage of fragile objects with a savvy lighting system to show the glass in all its splendor. During its 39 year existence, Galerie Elena Lee established a valuable mailing list for Canada as well as the US.

Now, with the gallery’s restored financial health, there is a unique occasion for an enterprising person to take the reins of this Canadian Institution!

Please visit the website www.galerieelenalee.com and contact info@galerieelenalee.com. For more information, there will be a meeting for interested people at the gallery:

Saturday May 14th – 2-4 PM