Galerie Elena Lee was the first gallery to represent the Studio Glass Movement in Canada. This Movement, born more than 50 years ago in the USA, took glass out of the factory and into the artists’ hands, who proceeded to explore it beyond its craft origins. In Quebec, François Houdé, co-founder of Montreal’s glass school Espace Verre, dramatically changed the way glass is viewed. He insisted to forget about its decorative and functional aspects and concentrate on its essential characteristic, even its breakability, to create a language, uniquely suited to express ideas. It is this spiritual aspect of contemporary art glass that Galerie Elena Lee has been defending during the 40 years of its existence. Forced to close its Sherbrooke Street space due to market forces (exorbitant taxes, a changing art market). Galerie Elena Lee is now located on Complexe du Canal Lachine 4710 St.Ambroise #127.


Old location on Sherbrooke Ouest